Welcome BEAUTY to our Affiliate Program

We are so glad you want to partner with us.

We love that you’re looking to share the love. With this program you can help to beautify the world while promoting and representing the Monica Nicole Hair brand.

Beauty and sharing is our thing and we love that it’s your thing to - so share away.

Are you a stylist, MUA, blogger, beauty influencers, social media darling, YouTuber, creator, or maybe even an entrepreneur …..if so you have landed in the right place. So let's get started!

First the Benefits

~ You will receive a minimum commission of 10% of purchases made on the Monica Nicole Hair site through your personal shopping link (link is provided upon approval to the program).

~ Your customer/clients/fans will get 15% off their first order with the personal discount code assigned to you.

~ You will receive 25% off all of your personal orders on our site but this may not be combined with other discounts or promotions.

~ Timely payouts on the 15th of each month for orders placed during the previous month. (Payouts via Paypal)

~ Easy registration.

~ Minimum content provided.



Program Requirements:

~ Must be following both Monica Nicole Hair accounts.

~ Must have at least 1K followers or have made a purchase in the last 90 days from Monica Nicole Hair.

~ You agree to share and tag us in a minimum of 3 post per month via social media for Monica Nicole Hair (post will be provided in your affiliate portal or we will tag you when we post on social media and you can simply repost.

~ All affiliates must maintain at least 3 new customer sales per year via your personal link.

~ Your personal link to our store must be in your social media bio.


How it Works:

~ Your customer will click on the link in your bio to shop.

~ This link will automatically apply your personal discount to their cart for instant savings. (discounts may not be used with other coupon codes, sales, or discounts).

~ The link will be “cookied” for 14 days. Example: Your customer clicks on your link January 1 and does not purchase, but then goes back thru the link on January 5th and purchases - you will be credited for that purchase made by your follower. Should they ‘go back’ on January 16th to purchase you would not be credited as it past 14 days.

~ You will be paid the 15th of every the month via PayPal, provided sales where made through your personal link the previous month. For example, if you have someone purchase the hair in January you will be paid February 15th. 

~In addition, if you would like to use Monica Nicole Hair images for posting – they can be found under Media Gallery in your portal.

Please note the following:

~ Coupons & discounts can not be applied, to sales or used in conjunction with any other discounts at anytime.

~ Please keep your PayPal address updated at all times.

~ Do Not resell, re-distribute products from the Monica Nicole Hair as your own.

~ Do Not use the photographs in pornographic, obscene, illegal, immoral, libelous or defamatory manner.
~ Do Not scan, copy, duplicate, distribute, or otherwise reproduce the images in anyway.
~ Do Not Use images or products to promote your brand, website or social media as if claiming ownership of images.

Let’s start beautifying the world Beauty. Click here to apply to become a Monica Nicole Hair Affiliate. Please contact us at info@monicanicolehair.com with any questions or concerns.