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Easy and simple to

Shop For Hair Stress Free

Avoid the headache of getting stuck with a wig you don't love. A human touch to online shopping. Take advantage of our risk free program.
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We Know Buying Hair Online Is Scary

There is so much different information, you spend you hard earned money on a unit just for it to shed and tangle after the first shampoo & a whole lot of frustration. That's enough to make anyone skeptical.
At Monica Nicole hair we got you! We won't beat you over the head about why we are so awesome, we'll just show you!
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MNH Risk Free Guarantee

What is the risk free guarantee?

The MNH Risk Free Guarantee is amazing in the hair world, where the norm is if you ordered it, its yours and you get to figure it all out from there. Not with us! We are setting the tone for a more secure way to order hair online. We want it to be super easy and as stress-free as possible.

The MNH Risk Free Guarantee is available to first-time customers only. Read our full return policy for more information.

MNH Risk Free Guarantee

How do we make this happen?

It's as easy as 1-2-3, well maybe 4!

Our mission

We know that you may be going through a lot but we are definitely here to help you every step of the way. We will support you through the entire hair buying process and beyond. Face to face, strand by strand it is our goal to add a human touch to your online hair buying experience.