4 New Looks for Your New Year

4 New Looks for Your New Year


Hey ladies, can ya'll believe we are all the way up in 2023? I know it's crazy right how fast time flies! While time is flying we might as well look fly! In our beauty books, there is no better way to mark a new year than with a new look! However, having no idea where to begin is one thing that can make getting a new look seem so daunting.

In 2023, we want you to be a brilliant go-getter who isn’t afraid to try something new. That being said, we’ve studied all the current wig and hair extension trends and spotted the most popular ones that will undoubtedly stay trending in the New Year. In this post, we’ll be providing you with the top 4 wig trends for 2023, so you can pick your perfect new look for your new year!

1. Long Bobs

In our opinion, bobs will always be in vogue. Bob wigs or hairstyles give a unique look that is perfect for any woman who loves a clean-cut vibe—which is a good amount of ladies if we’re being honest. However, we have it on good authority that the reigning bob trend come 2023 is going to lean largely away from the shorter bobs and more toward longer lengths.

We expect more people to be rocking 14 to 16-inch bob lengths or varying curves, parts, and colors. The typical shorter lengths are just that—typical. Therefore, everyone riding on a new year, new look vibe will be looking to deviate and reaching for these more sophisticated midi cuts.

2. The Natural Look.

For this trend, think volume, textured lengths, and if you’re feeling exceedingly festive, throw in an exaggerated side part. Wigs make for excellent protective styles. And protective styles are particularly essential for your real hair, especially through the first months of 2023 which will still be winter months. We recommend using a wig if you opt for this trend.

The look options here are endless. From curly wigs to kinky straight extensions with is definitely one our personal favorites right now, and ponytails, going for a natural look in 2023 will offer you major versatility. All you have to do is make your choice(s) based on what suits your facial features and provides optimal styling time for you lifestyle.

3. Retro Curtain Bangs

The 90s-inspired butterfly haircut, bombshell look is back and trending! The best part about this look—besides the fact that it’s a knockout every single time—is that the layered, face-framing style can be achieved with either short or long hair. It’s also a beautifully versatile style that you can wear down or pull back into an updo or a ponytail while leaving your bangs out. This look can be created with almost any texture of hair. The image above pictures a Cambodian Natural Wavy V Part  unit.

If you love your hair to have that extra body and volume, this glamorous style which is all about long, feathery layers will be perfect for you.

4. Red-y, set, go!

Altering your hair color is the easiest way to announce your new look without uttering a syllable. And when it comes to hair color trends, red is a timeless color. The adaptability of the color red is its best quality. It is super easy to customize red to your skin tone and personality.

We recommend tapping into the richer, warmer reds in the New Year to keep your new look chic. Plus, when you are sporting rich cinnamon or cozy ginger tresses, your look will be all you need to evoke the warm and bright feelings we all need through the current cold season as well as into the New Year. Don't want to color you hair? No problem. A glue less closure wig will give you the option for the most subtle or bold red ever without the commitment to long term wear of that color.

Now that you have all these great options to choose from, we hope that your 2023 will be just as gorgeous as your new look. We hope that you experience joy and success, sending you so much love in 2023. By the way we would love for you to share your new look with us in the comments below!

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