Get Inspired 6 Wig Colors PERFECT For Your Fall Look~Part 2

Get Inspired 6 Wig Colors PERFECT For Your Fall Look~Part 2

In the coming months do you want to try new hairstyles or maybe new hair colors, but maybe you need more confidence or you are just afraid to commit? In this blog, we will share with you in the second part of our 2 part blog series, 6 different colors you can try in 2023. Let’s jump right in! 


1. Dark blonde color

When you think of fall, you usually think of colors that are more toned down, and more chilled, but blondes are actually going to be in this year, and this dark blonde on this model styled by Anthony Cuts on Instagram is giving everything that dark black can give. This is a very spicy warm look that is definitely warm enough for fall. Hopefully one out of our many colors will inspire you to try something new. We definitely love dark blonde and are excited about the other colors that we have to share with you. 



2. Crimson

It is definitely going to grab attention. The beautiful Winnie Harlow is winning with this gorgeous crimson hair color. She looks amazing and wears it very well. When it's styled and colored and paired with the right skin tone, it’s a beautiful option that you can wear in the fall and all the way through the winter.



3. Caramel

Caramel is nice because it's kind of like a sweet spot. You can pull off caramel in any of the seasons, and this look on JLo is absolutely amazing. It's not too warm, it's not too cool, and is definitely working well for her. The nice thing about caramel is that it will work well for most skin tones and it's a really easy color to maintain. Caramel hair color is definitely a nice option for those who are looking for something different but a little more low-key. 



4. Ginger 

Just like copper when you see ginger, you automatically think of fall, they just kind of go together. Zendaya, as beautiful as she is, looks gorgeous in everything, and we would expect nothing less in this lovely ginger color that she's wearing. One thing to keep in mind about brighter colors is that they are a little bit more high-maintenance. If you decide to go into ginger color or any of the brighter colors we’ve discussed, use a color-depositing shampoo and conditioner to help keep the vibrance of the color. Regular shampoo and conditioning and just maintaining the hair will often start to see the color fade. Ginger definitely screams fall, and overall is a really, really pretty color option.



5. Sandy Bronde

This next color that we're about to share, we are obsessed with. Cool browns and cool blondes are very popular right now, but what do you get when you add them together? Sandy Bronde, not Sandy Blonde, Sandy Bronde. A beautiful cool brownish blonde, and we love it. It's kind of a beige tone that literally reminds you of sand at the beach. This color is soft and it's calm, but it will also make you do a double take. Put the right ratio of warm and cool together and you can definitely make this happen. 



6. Burgundy

Burgundy is like the red representation of fall. It’s the perfect red color but is still most commonly worn in the fall. It again is one of those intense colors that takes a little work to maintain. Burgundy is also great because it looks really good on most skin tones. The photo below is from a hair stylist on Instagram @thefrontalslyer and her install looks amazing.  



We hope you've been inspired and ready for a new and brilliant appearance as we come to a colorful conclusion on the greatest hair color trends for this fall season of 2023. There is a color for everyone to experiment with, whether they prefer the smoky warmth of dark blonde, the eye-catching attractiveness of red, the sweet and adaptable caramel, the autumnal vibes of ginger, the soft and chic Sandy Braun, or the dramatic sophistication of burgundy. 

Keep in mind that your hair is your canvas and that there are countless design options. So go ahead, challenge yourself, and let your hair express your distinct sense of style and personality. We wish you a wonderful and colorful adventure in the future!












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